Teaching Philosophy

As a teacher, my main objective is to help you learn how to teach yourself. I focus on three main areas of musicianship:

  1. Music Literacy
    No matter what instrument you play, you'll learn how to read music.
  2. Musical and Physical Skills
    If you learn to play the songs and exercises I assign, you'll gradually develop the physical skills to be able to play anything you want.
  3. Practice Techniques
    A major part of learning how to teach yourself is learning how to practice. In lessons, I will often have you slow down and repeat small sections of the music that are challenging. If you apply the same approach in your daily practice, you'll be surprised at how quickly your playing improves.

Sometimes a student will request to learn a specific song. I'll do some of this, but only as a supplement to the music I've already given you to learn, not as a substitute. Many teachers will only teach popular songs by rote, so you end up being able to play a specific song without knowing how it's put together or even what notes you are playing. When we work on songs beyond my usual assignments, you won't learn them blindly. I'll guide you through the process of learning a song so you can learn how to teach yourself other songs on your own.